My newest projects!

And you all thought I fell of the face of the earth, huh? Between my four kids and a move, a lot of my started projects got put aside. I have been busy finishing them up for the past two months and am pleased to present my newest creations! Most of them, if not all, will be available soon (hopefully by the end of November) in my etsy shop. I am also in the process of finishing up a digital pattern (which will be available on Pixie Faire) for the 1940s panel dress for the 18″ American Girl doll. And so, without further adieu…














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Slow Goin’

I haven’t had anything in my etsy shop recently because of personal matters. My daughter has special needs and my husband and I have been doing our best to keep up with that! Things in the sewing area are slow going but I will keep you updated (either through this blog or my newsletter) whenever I have something new available. Thanks for your understanding!

More dresses!

I am pleased to present two of my creations that will be up for sale shortly in my Etsy shop. Due to personal issues, I have been unable to find much time for sewing lately. I have had these two dresses around for months now just waiting to be photographed. Here they are: one for Josefina and one for Kit and/or Ruthie. Enjoy!

This blue regency styled dress is based from the Josefina Christmas Dress pattern from American Girl (now discontinued). I modified it slightly by lengthening the neck ruffle and changing the sleeves.



This next dress was actually a contestant for the Fashion Design Contest, hosted by The Doll Wardrobe blogspot. It is a 1930s pleated dress and an original design. I hand embroidered the collar and love how it turned out!



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Ebay Auctions for my outfits!

I’ve decided to put up five of my outfits for sale through ebay. Two of them will be available this week (auction ends Monday, August 5th) and the other three will be available next week. All auctions start at 99 cents with no reserve price. The following outfits are (or will be next week) for sale.

ag-000-teatime2 ag-000-greenelegance  colonialbloom violetorleans  Rebeccaplaid

I’d be more than happy to send you updates on my newest creations! If you are interested in when I have something available for purchase (either through my etsy store or ebay), enter your name and email address below. Under comments, just write “add me to list.”  Thanks!


New Pattern Release!

I’m excited to announce that I have become a pattern partner with Liberty Jane! My first pattern “Colonial Elegance” is now available to purchase here. Check it out!


The two dresses shown on the pattern are available to purchase in my etsy shop!

Rebecca’s Blue Sailor Dress

This next dress is a custom order and is based on Rebecca’s blue sailor dress from the illustrations found in American Girl’s Rebecca Rubin book series.

Rebecca BLue Sailor Dress

Illustration by Robert Hunt from the book “Rebecca and the Movies” by Jacqueline Dembar Greene

Rebecca Sailor 2

Illustration by Robert Hunt from the book “Changes for Rebecca” by Jacqueline Dembar Greene

The final product:



More pictures on my flickr account. Remember, if you want to know when an outfit becomes available in my etsy shop, go to the Contacts tab and let me know you’d like to be added to the list. Thanks for looking!

“Sunday Picnic” and “Sweetheart Plaid 2” now available to purchase!

Well this dress took me forever…but I think it turned out darling. It’s now available to purchase here in my etsy shop!


I decided to make Rebecca a new Edwardian dress from an old design. It’s almost the same as the original “Sweetheart Plaid” dress. However, the green in this fabric matches Rebecca’s eyes perfectly. Also available to purchase here in my etsy shop.